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Give It Your All With Total Effort Fitness

Elevate Your Journey with Our Pro Professional Fitness Experts

Training Sessions

Total Effort Fitness is a top-notch fitness center with advanced equipment and experienced trainers who are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal Training Sessions

Focused one-on-one 45-minute sessions designed specifically for you and your goals. Perfect for those who are just getting started or want undivided attention.  

Healthy Cooking

Nutritional Plans

​The key to achieving weight loss goals or improving overall physical fitness is to nourish your body with proper fuel. It takes more than just monitoring the number on the scale or reducing calorie intake; it requires a comprehensive approach that includes a well-balanced diet. Our plans utilize a scientifically-backed method to effectively and safely help you lose weight and tone your body. Our personalized plans are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle to achieve optimal results.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

- Mark Twain

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Classes Schedules

Full Body Conditioning

  • Mondays & Wednesdays @6:30am

  • Sundays @9am

Join our Full Body Conditioning Class at Total Effort Fitness and get ready for a complete workout that targets every muscle group in your body...

Cardio Blast

Join us at Total Effort Fitness for our Cardio Blast Class - an intense, fun-filled 45-minute workout t that will get your heart rate up and your blood flowing.....

  • Mondays @ 9am

  • Thursdays @ 12pm

Core Stability & Conditioning

  • Fridays at 7AM & 9AM

Join us at Total Effort Fitness for our Core Stability & Conditioning Class, designed to help you strengthen your core muscles.....

High Energy Intervals

Experience a highenergy interval class like never before with Total Effort Fitness.....

  • Mondays @ 6:30pm

  • Sunday @10am

Upper Body Strength

  • Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Transform your upper body strength with Total Effort Fitness’ Upper Body Strength Class....

Lower Body - Strength

  • Tuesdays @ 5:30pm

Looking to give your lower body a serious workout? Look no further than Total Effort Fitness’ Lower Body Strength Class......

Beginners Running and Cardio

  • Wednesday 7:30am

  • Sundays @ 12pm

If you are just beginning or looking to get back into running, our Beginners Running and Cardio class is perfect for you......

Intermediate & Advanced Running Cardio

  • Sundays @1pm

Take your running to the next level with Total Effort Fitness' Intermediate & Advanced Running Cardio class.....



Meet The Trainer


Leon studied Health Science at Cal State Northridge. He worked  in the physical therapy field at one of Southern California's preeminent orthopedic institutes, working on pro, collegians, and high school athletes.


He is a 2 -time Boston Marathon qualifier and an all around athlete. Leon is all about improving well-being through active rehabilitation and exercise. His plant based diet gives him the complete understanding of what whole clean foods can do for your entire being.d exercise. His plant based diet gives him the complete understanding of what whole clean foods can do for your entire being.

Success Stories

Debra N review totffort fitness

I'm getting in the best shape ever! Love the workouts! Leon is easy to work with and super knowledgeable. Having fun and feeling great!!

Debra N.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Monthly Meal Plan?

We’ll give you weekly nutritional goals to help you get the perfect balance of Protein, Fat, Carbs and Calories. This isn’t just some generic goal we throw out at you. It’s based on your current eating habits, your body transformation goals and the foods you already like. Think of us as your nutrition accountability partners. You’ll also have access to our coaching app, making it easer for daily check-ins and advice. 

What’s included in the Monthly Home Workout Plan?

Access to our training app which features real-time coaching tools and feedback. We’ll build customized step by step instructional workouts for you to complete on days you’re not working with a trainer. You don’t need a lot of equipment, just a 6ft X 8ft space. If you have a home gym, or access to a commercial gym, we can write step by step workouts for there too! 

Any Other General Inquiry Contact Us!


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